"Dreams pass into the reality of action.
From the actions stems the dream again;
and this interdependence produces
the highest form of living." 
- Anais Nin






About this platform...


What is LANAHELENA - Art as a lifestyle?
I love art in every form, and I love how it can change us, make us grow, and how it can be incorporated in our everyday reality and inspire us to live more profound. I wanted this title to be a certain ode to life. I wished to emphasize the bewildering reality where a creation of human life neither poses a limit to uncertainties and variations nor does it hinder anything that we make of it, provided that we are willing to engage in such a thought process. Our day-to-day routine is in a way opposed to the unpredictable. It cripples our perception when we finally remember to look at things from above—from our comprehensive consciousness—or merely from another angle (free from worn-out principles we have been used to), which puts on or removes certain weight, beautifies or distorts, or does none of the above to create something new. Resisting these temptations requires a lot of effort. This is an homage to that effort; an homage to motivation, creativity, silence (the museum type of silence), within which I prefer things to manifest themselves, as well as an homage to life which mirrors itself in countless nuances—especially in those inevitably dark, grey, and uniformly white ones I feel very much attached to. This may also be considered homage descriptive of my systematical, stubborn and unconditional longing for life as I see it.

It is a thought. A feeling. The two transform the way we interpret whatever we observe.


How we feel, how we relate, what we observe, what we prefer, what we read (!), what we watch, where we go, with what/with whom we surround ourselves, what we wear, what we put on ourselves, what we put in front, what we leave behind, how we deal with the world around...A style is a combination of all different kind of life choices. This platform is about all of that.

It is not a destination, it is an eternal journey of discovering our authentic selves; a courage to stay motivated and happy (it takes effort, it's easier to succumb); and last but actually the first - to love unconditionally and to be loved in return.


In the long term, I would like LANAHELENA - Art as a lifestyle to be my lifelong project. I'm already invested in these almost a decade of its existence enormous amounts of effort and energy and I do not think to quit. I wish to have a team in the future who will work with me, purely for the reason that some ideas remain unrealized because of the inability for me to do absolutely everything by myself!
The categories should expand too.

Where does the initial idea come from for the 'Photo Stories' category?
My first professional acting role was in the theater piece called “Udarac” (“A Kick”) directed by M. Kočovski, who asked us to form the Rubens' Massacre of the Innocent with our very bodies. Although I love classics in the theater, I was very much intrigued by the thought that I was approaching the very essence of the idea, with the intention to let something else and something new come out of it. So I took another of his pictures Venus at the mirror and made a photo on the subject. That is my first post: The mirror. So it began...

Is this a fashion blog?
It can be seen like that, but not exclusively. Clothing interests me in the context in which it arrives, or which I feel free to put it in. The same goes for every other component, whether it comes as a separate phenomenon (even if I personally may or may not like it), I nevertheless use it as part of the totality which I can see very clearly—much earlier than it is actually created. I tend to believe that clothing design can be a work of art, comparable to that of a sculpture, especially the haute couture creations. Coming up with an idea, making of preliminary drawings, choosing the finest materials followed by hours/days/weeks of hand sewing is a painful process, but definitely a creative one. Historically speaking, people who had changed the aesthetics of clothing should be regarded as true visionaries.
But if I am to talk about a person, close or distant, an acquaintance, a friend, or a person who I am in love with, someone who I admire, somebody whom I have met once and who I have never forgotten since, a person dead or alive, someone who I think of a lot or seldom... Perhaps I will talk about what that person wore. I even might not mention it (maybe because I will not remember), but it is surely not going to be the only important element.
I like to wear black. Mostly men clothes of the Edwardian age, brooches, gloves, tailcoats... nineteenth-century Russia, a bit of Marchesa Casati, velvet, lace, black, black...My private style is very defined and I'm not compromising much. For "It" pieces I don't care. I'm dreaming of having someone who would make my ideas come true, so I can have all my wardrobe made for myself of my ideas, and I have a lot of ideas. 
In case I am up for preparing a story for this web page, then I research the history of costumes and fashion (not the seasonal trends but a culture of clothing throughout history, which is inseparably linked with the other cultural phenomena and ways of life), the clothing becomes very important; it speaks for itself and presents an inexhaustible source of delight, it represents beauty itself, it turns into - a game!


What is the music during 'Intro'?
Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No. 1


Other topics...


Oh yes, I’m definitely vegan/juice cleanse/raw food/natural products/clean cosmetic/superfood supplements/no medicine/no additives/living as healthy as possible kind of person...But I’m like that all my life, that’s how I was raised, luckily. I don’t eat meat since I was born, I grew up eating macrobiotics like my family. I did 28 days juice cleanse a couple of years ago and it was hard but such a great experience. After that, I went ‘raw’ for a year and a half, but I found it a bit extreme and complicated to stick to long-term or to choose it as a lifestyle. Nowadays I do compromise (especially with cheese and sushi) and I drink a lot of Prosecco though! Well, there has to be a balance, right?

If you could resurrect one person and make them a part of your life, who would it be?
Anais Nin. She personifies my eternal inspiration, muse, my wondering, admiration; these are followed by resistance and then again lots of fascination, as well as the ability of continuous questioning of my own life decisions through her amazing diary entries. It would not be far from the truth to claim that I am slightly obsessed with her. On top of all talents that were generously given to us humans, there surely is the one about living in harmony with oneself and one's own longing (whatever we make of it, and whatever we perceive right), while not harming others in the process. I shall not say more because I very often write about her.
If you have to choose one artist to paint you, who would it be?
Hard question! There are so many that I like that I cannot decide (the same with the books). Hm...not to name this time some of my favorite Baroque painters, Pre-Raphaelites, or the Middle Ages (to the Impressionists I would not willingly be given), let it be someone contemporary - Lucian Freud. I would see myself naked, in his inherent "caricature", and from the very interesting observation angle. Thrilling. And I believe that the process would be also, taking into account his distinctive personality.


History area?
I came to the ideal combination for myself: be born around the 1890s. in Italy, to live there during Belle Epoque, then move to London in my twenties. Then, in my thirties, move to Paris and live there during Roaring Twenties in Montmartre, which is also my favorite period and location...and the gang. Later somewhere North. I think it's exciting to live, for example, every decade in another place. Although I m skilfully adapting to it, essentially, I have nothing with a 21st century. It's a big mistake:)
Although some of my posts refer to the period of the fifties, my heroines lived before, and more decadent. From the mid-forties, my interest is slightly off. My girls are less rounded, tailored themselves as males, monochrome, without mutilating desirability. Sharply breast, sharp mind, cigarette holder. Fewer bows - more bow tie, fewer curls - more curled, less Swing - More Jazz...chubby and ruddy I trade for the maroon and pale. Droopy eyelids, heavier colors...what is basically my aesthetics.
I'm obsessed with Paris during roaring twenties!

Summers are aggressively optimistic, and I am lazy, sleepy, not as productive, inappropriately veiled for the sake of protection, and generally immobile because I never feel like walking in the sun. The tropical climate lands seem to me as the eternal saunas.
I like "Jugo" (on Cro) - the strong southwestern wind. Cloudy weather, a scent of moist vegetation, rain, the sharp air in my nostrils, late September when the sun does not screamingly shine but turns into copper, when the colors absorb darker, dull—typically „my“ nuances. Unless it is late Fall I do not feel sufficiently adjusted to nature. I like when I need a shield: a coat, boots, Russian cufflinks, gloves... interior, indoor parties, candles... melancholic and heavier scents and contours. But no such thoughts.
I like to be clothed and I like others well clothed as well. I like them to be white and pale (everyone is more attractive and beautiful when they are white and pale). I quickly grow tired of beach parties. I also appreciate moments before the storm...

Briefly: I love erotica, the pornography I despise.
Questioning everything that involves human also means taboos. I try to make this address my (almost complete) freedom. Nudity for me is a vulnerability, and vulnerability is strong and beautiful, it makes us humans.

Why ginger? 
Because of Sandys Perdita. Because of Madam Stuart Merrill, Mysteriosa. Because of the mysterious bun on the head of a Woman seated in her underwear by Egon Schiele in 1917. Because of Jean-Jacques Henner, because I m in love with Elizabeth Siddal! ("Autumn in her hair...") Not because of anyone contemporary or living. Because of Titian's Flora and his Mary Magdalene. Because this shade in English is called ginger, and ginger I love. Because I love long and curved Armenian noses with umbo at the roots sprinkled with freckles (I still think I'm going to wake up one morning with spots!). Because young Romy Schneider. Because...I do not remember exactly why it was ten years ago. Hair - the undisputed symbol of femininity and tenderness which women are free to massacre. Now I'm back to my natural color.

Plastic surgery?
Very much so: Permanent liposuction of my own fears, fillers for courage, botox for all my doubts (to paralyze them), pumped and raise confidence and self-esteem, abrasive treatment of all unpleasant experiences, iron all bad decisions, tightened toxic relationships, LPG treatment for strengthened positive attitude, surgical correction for some of my impulsive statements, implanted two huge pads (front and back) of good feelings despite circumstances.

Black and dark purple. Those colors have a different meaning to me: the strength and nobility. I will quote here one of my favorite designer Ann Demeulemeester: “Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so…empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.”

From your letters to the Professor, it seems like you are writing a novel?
I'm humble about it, I'm afraid to say it loud. Acting is my lifelong and logical way. Writing came over me the last couple of years (in the serious sense, except diaries, school assignments, and a few poems published in Liriano). Maybe it's just a result of years and years of obsessive reading, not talent. It is new to me and I'm alone.
Acting involves partners support, directors support...the writing is - me and blank paper. I do not know. I'll wait another twenty or thirty years if it is necessary for something to be worthy of attention and announcements for life. I have no idea about my own virtues, but patience I enjoy for a long time in various ways, although it is often incredibly difficult.

I see it as an external manifestation and a materialized inner intention of applauding someone in regard to his work, as well as a measure of encouraging further growth. How could I not say amen to that? Joy is represented by anything we put its sticker on, which provides absolutely and eternally everything with the potential quality. Is it not delightful to think of reality in such a way?
The idea of ironic submission, or transformation.
Invention and sublimation.